Saturday 22 July 2023

"community" and Tom-Pauls. A spur of the Helford - super naturereserve .. river

 And Kates.. the truly rich bitch vapid version, stole earlier Toms' money

So, off on a walk....


lovely... the spur past Mawgan...

This time without the motor...

Ahh... yes, though the less rich versions (he will be described perfectly soon.. his cool music wafting from the cracked window...)

LOTS of money spent on that....what a 'study'

And up a few hundred metres....a lovely long track...maybe down nearer the shore?

No signage.... no a word of who's never mind any...rules.

Now - so fabulously interesting what happened a few minutes later.
She ain't the only one with covert electronics..

But here are some just as interesting covert electronics.

Who would have thought...who can see?

Look  a bit....closer and

what do we see?

well, i can see: it has been there many months.
A biggun.
I would say 50 inch...

And quite obviously works - work ongoing men (but from he expensive tinted window festo-mobile - outside, many with eyes,  have been there for many many see

There never was any point, even jotting....

When over the other side of that bank.... the only possible ally
she cannot