Saturday 22 July 2023

the sad thing

 one man, two sort of...


were right

2005 wandering the Royal Courts of justice with Hockenjos ( German living London many years

...a wise man) ... and Pelling ( Eton educated but unusually did love his son, they tried to fuck with, so turncoat into.. the side of goodness) , with Estelle providing humanity and laughs skipping the wonky corridors out front

( naughty Hock smoking a mild joint)

" all that happened... the dreadful private school educated thats what being wrenched from parents does... in late 60s, seeing family breakdown a thing....    they ganged up in their London weirdo mens' clubs and said ' how do we make money from this?..!!!. hmmm.... if we add to family breakdown and destabilisation...

".....use law, culture, media....   the number 1 commodity can become the fucked up young person...  causes or is part of, or imagines,  more crime, mental issues made madder too.....due awful family mess and even more awful so called psychology; personal pain and chaos ..  and with G4s and big phrama [ obviously to come...private prisons creeping in] way or other WE will make more money out of their messed up lives  .. go for it chaps

... we profit from their mess they too dumb to prevent! [ cos we could have]..."

All just ...used.

And best joke of all... they knew, they read their Greek..if women are infantalised through any institution, from a false legal lie allowing one.... to ... commodification through fashion, and everything in between,  they are weakened... and a bloke cannot do much...alone..without a decent bird around.....even Jesus needed his hookers as ...allies

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