Saturday 22 July 2023

ohhh...and i do have an 'ally'

 A local born and bred man - my age - official environment caring person (paid to)..him and i two great long sessions (he has Helfordriveracti*n emails) 

He ashamed of this, and the smell yes in Porthl**en as i wandered about dawn 3 days ago... stank to high heaven of the middle of the town...while hey charge 100 a bed a night...fucking criminal country

But as i said to him just half an hour ago [him telling me of an 18 year old on work experience his operation] " even with, as i have, by magic!  five fabulous youngsters i have found the las 4 weeks.... and just spoken with openly and a great length... riffing with them on how they may take some action..if they care- age 21-31.... way!! on earth is it safe to be alone with youngster as a man....need a woman by side - witness friend, ally.... ...even cycling through Gypsy estate by Hay-on-Wye  a decade ago, never been before..8 year olds running around shouting 'ehh a paedo lets make something up get im arrested..' ..... to my way man!!.... as a man this country is over"

he did not disagree.