Sunday 2 July 2023

naming day


it is called " tough love"

there are psychopaths, many

whom are beyond for one millisecond wondering if they went mad or may be just a little at 'fault'

Even when it takes three weeks to fix a hole in their ( multi million pound)  hotel ponzi scheme investment corp... roof

any sane man could have fixed in 3 hours....

making Fawlty Towers seem rather old hat

And then there are the rare few who one hoped, would not be so.... and love is " challenging" someone not to be the rest provably are.

I am aside of slander law

As every single word

Is in my chronicles.

In their voice.

I cannot let my own beloved female person go though her life thinking ....

her fathers sex are the 'problem'

that is not being a REAL father... is immoral in fact

As every single lost fraud i ever knew i shall tell...

one by one.

the story.

and you..decide.

" challenging": "it means " do better.....i thought you could... we all get knickers in a twist.... putting things right we even tell our children is the way forward to every day a new matter what happened yesterday... but yesterdays need some human taking responsibility for...too...or sadly you are a mini ... Benito... Slobo....  all died of self regard.... and i wish not even a sniffle for the mad sad Vlad...and certainly not forvthe one and only half 'truth teller'...i still believe"

so much more...

except in fact two women

this last week 'inspire ' me
so much more

one especially
when a 'true van person' 
regardless of sex
twelve years!

three hours so wonderful face -to- face

and like lovely Europeans, do...

touching arms shoulders as we speak

the most sincere possible conversation, ever
as her gathered coworkers later chime




standard stuff, ' yes ...take interest in the council if you care...
surfers against turds may as well be eating dog shit,

great.... i will start to work on your plans..... you alone i trust...well we covered that
the honour of man or woman
of the van
..  what a UNIQUE ...example you will be
top of the list of only a few 
i would love
to show my lass 
i believe every bright eyed word
at last
thank you..."

now...maybe she has crashed.... but as i cbecked....

if still alive

 i know why

" 1st gear ... full throttle"