Saturday 22 July 2023


 wrote on their Fakebook a year ago maybe ..."Helford River TV.." of course couldnt care

or wouldnt dare


 a mile away some disgusting creep was adding one to it

And i guess she will just become

source of the 

future river



not that i needed another


anyone who stays in this land is...nuts

good job i know how to ignore them all - every fake...and just walk on

up and down the coast at least their shit doesnt reach yet...

and the most glorious pathways!

Life is good and my head is no longer in this land - i got good at that - when the wave of pseuds too over the Marches about 17 years ago...when planning law was relaxed of course....

All they all are is products of..building regs

adding their products into regulated but inadequately monitored

badly built shitpipes...

But the latest Herefordshire spin: blame it [all] on the chickens!

I know who the real chickens are....

we will come to hem soon - or should i merge with other site?... then i really would need a back-watcher and of course hats only ever been another, performance ..ful? ruse... for WHY? did she think i am stupid?

Or start a new one....

??? hmmmm

FAR more artistic photos...soon...many

And handwritten pages (already done) ...but library limited to

no lunchmoney left, and time the enemy

But happiness, and mental health, only comes from telling it all all the way always

Lots of Hedge...BEing uploaded...but may not get here in time

the spivvy Frys of course i would bring down tp areas of the country like this one 

all went on to manage 'hedge fund'...sssss 

so their flash cars can afford to run around your lanes at 100 mph ...squashin em...

here too...i have not even begun writing my full opera... 


i did exactly this for a living

i know what bodily is REALLY ...for - unless perfectly in tune with every die

and checked out - elite...only very few of us were....perfect bodily balance required

purest poise and grace

to fly in and out most dangerous airport in


bu environmentalism alone is ten times more worrying and dangerous..... so give up