Saturday 22 July 2023

The weave...

 That sounds pertenscious...

to play with words...

seems no one can, any more

(not even the arts cafe bar man last night...from Islington..)

And you will have fascism forget they ALWAYS may have two or even for pretentious wankers like me..three meanings

I mean even Percy managed to manage that in his lyrics

Despite being from (led zep) Birmingham.

I think she got it "feminine is NOT a is a cheap sales opportunity " 

her mum laughed and meant ...and she nodded bigtime:  

" well i am tough rotting wood restorer up in  the hills...pickaxes, rocky ground.....but i looked after my 3 year old's knickers and togs as if they were feintest filigree....and i dont lie or battle and backstab with words... and cases.... like every woman i know does.... so who exactly is 'feminine' ? and what is it?...i have no idea and like you all am a top biology expert...i know truly animal behaviours and ways...female masculine obvious minor differences'feminine'... a farce"

mum REALLY liked that., her daughters

And her jaw dropped at this....
and she meant it
Because she told me also how it made her ....feel
numb with awe

both good and the worst of words  in one
person? too
thats NUANCE

Now i really have seen and been everywhere i needed to....

Yesterday the top moment...of the bottom of the abyss you can find here as i knew 30 years i would fly them £2000 a day out...

The sybarites..parasites... on mister big bankers stolen (from privatising your utilities - £25 million HIS back pocket..looking for cheap land here... with loads of shemales in tow... those that these days need the 10 k facelifts..)


All they knew here even 30 years how to create a theme park to launder it Tom-paul only ever heir washing machine...

And Kate was always in charge - the richer one who now has the £100 k custom Discovery.... 

when not in her million quid Aston (she stole off him in the divorce settlement  2 decades ago so its a bit old and rusty now... like her beneath her Tatler facemask) 

Now... i can weave backwards...join the dots and cross the stitches...

BUT this is just his morn..a last page of the sewing book pattern - for a fine warm winter dress already mainly made ... not to order, but because i could. The only reason ever to do anything.

What i got to on Thursday. and recorded.... thats really the end. will post soon..  And i know is good...i dont care what unnunaced others may think...because i educated myself on good nuanced culture of the past

But it must have nuance and mirth... and fun..or it will not sadly he rotten hull brigade do not know...did they once? 

words have two.. three or four meanings in his hardest language where class, lifestyle... even made up 'sexuality' have to be woven into the mix of what the fuck one may mean...

But i know she... 14...will get it, that is what GOOD parenting does..and always did


We WAS the answer to fascism which is only ever I-am-different-to-you-ism...

nuance...and a word picure may have two meanings - be a wider reflection on contemporary life

But i guess when even the (only) one great Englishwoman i met.... on a cliff two week 7 hours trying to talk her into writing about her heartfellt views on he NAzi health service (she was crying when she related and she was a TOUGH walking hill woman despite working as pill pusher for them... went home and pondered " but he said that my 'people' .. who secretly owned half of the Marches - Knighton, West Herefordshire....  bought with filthy factory money from the 50s on....had largely destroyed society and very much he schools with their utter charmy fraudulence..pretending to love countryside when hey only bought it to escape nasty mad thuggery back Birmingham.... and never ever ever could be relied on...especially if they needed friends to fuck over so joined local 'green' organisations...... all turned out to come a crisis like divorce...revert to avaricious new hairdo fake type.... without fail.....maybe he thinks even if we left when i was 4...i may too.... "

words have two meanings

and here aint no stairway

only GREAT culture showed us Jep looking down it..a his end

"its all a blahh blahh blahh...."

pure nuanced fabulous satire.

Impossible in UK

ergo, you already have fascism lite...obvious a decade ago

BLAHH BLAHH BLAHHH...with the same self obsessed born-again-virgin, old bags....

cannot accept no one may wish to fuck em any more 

when older woman true SPIRIT is as fuckable as it gets  - fools one and all

trying to be other than they are...and bossing everyone about with


workshoped fraud

well fuck their blahh blahhh helps NO one

especially them

there was no progress....but the backwards move was far more than in posture...

 and i am now weaving every little thread...

for her generation if no one else

good writing (something on why mine is DELIBERATELY not, later today)

but be the tories deciding if they should turn back on green pledges

its these nasty Birmingham fakes...took over all he Marches...a place ALL rivers destroyed by heir shit.... they behind the scenes are the main force

viscious ultra and all

their power, and their neurotic need to show status via consumption (not 'conservatism' just pure tacky pure blingism)

i knew many well...and worked for some.... they bought all my lovely old stomping grounds...once wild  flowerfilled very natural area, decades ago.... and just wanted it STRIMMED

cos they cannot handle a nettle sting... or natural 'bug'..or the smell of lovely...rot

hat gives

new next life

so desperate to hold on to heir fat one...rather than accept mortality, even a teenager knew how to....when i was a teenager

because we knew it was the duty of every grown up human to do just that

much to show......soon