Monday 3 July 2023

of course

 the joke is on me

as although they all quote wise saying

assuming makes ass out of you and me


she will report in to her undermermaids at ShitCreek

"...hey girls wow..... hes a bit sexy v fit and bodily... but my my he hides it well       dont talk to that one, on really hard drugzz..

he read me the poem he bragged he had rit

for the only real woman in the theme park.....said all his poems for her come out not even pausing..great homeric odes....just arise...

then ..this one he said rit only 10 min earlier not even a stop to fill his ink.. 

....he cant remember reading it to me or even speaking wirh me 9 days later...and he even said he had never read a poem out loud to anyone and is a thinker....values words... defo loon"

if i could market hiss filter

somehow monetise it. . .

hmmm...apart grom saving the wirld by saving encvironmentalism from the plague of hers..  

who have ruined environmentaliam for 10 or more years...

i could even save the mermaids as i know one thing for sure.... 

bein a fake.... nakes you age...far far less  nicely than being...authentic

and knowing a few rinkly 60 year old my when they eventually DO see through


bo kne to eyelash flutter,at any more...all those broken teeth

they get even sourer and turbicharged rinklitis ...

so can i boost this filter with add ons?


no power to check spelling or typos.... 

been busy being alive...with no wellness menu

the key to