Tuesday 15 August 2023

for a Serb

 arrest! ... fuckem....

a superb 8 hrs sleep..

actual 'energy' to even  wonder what use the Serb may have been

And what she would have been up against, and unable to deal with.. 

true ultra zen... persisting

names named. the real baddies of the 'siritual' world...

real 'evil' acts... 


Garrons ( rich herwfordshire estate the alternatives colonised... )

Hay-on-Wye they dribbled into from around 2008 having smelt tge easy con money there fron the s ken new wave ariving

and easy con if council grants

and suck Hilary's smal one to use his  Lawson global warming denial empire.. of inherited loot as their new base

mates rates

 real crimes not their imagined ones  they thought police me into over decades " you must be stopped even thinking about me" which is what each of them ... mentioned in this require ..

i always knew ...why

a true social history of my old region... 

these people bought the SW too.... less competition in The Marches.... so were more overt

so   back in old region they did own ever public 'space' and stole ALL the 'energy' they try rip everyone off via local auth grants selling back as some ferkin soma while damaging for real, their own kids   

i was there...often. And was sad... for rheir kids.


many photos and bits of truest zen film to go with 

this audio...


purpose book 2 chapter 10. inside look at evil acts within 'energy' worker elites, and how women own ALL 'public spaces' without ever taking any blame. dotcom

and how they truly harm their children... over 17 years

i had to endure... and its still ongoing, will be just as bad here  as e actly the same criminal fraudsters colonised heretoo

 i lost.com but... not sharing 'lived' fuckin truth...is tyranny