Tuesday 15 August 2023

for the

 ' haters'...i do not recognise that word

but last audio for every woman who blocks, screams you have ' narcissm' ..or asbo disease ( they do by DEFAULT...) the real ferkin asbergoise she stops her son ever seeing dad while lying ...she is the exact opposite of a liar..

she is empath and seer. .

block son knowing dad...cos she 'sees' dad mays share an ambergoise 

i know who has mental probs in that equation! and be asburgers..in her fascist head

and i bet the exact same evil is in her shit creek.... here...i know it us i can SEE them 100 metres away

( not tge cowboy hatted band)

does she know? i reckon she does...

two sides only

the only words i recognise is that for the sake of future healthier 'communities' 

children now... need their parents to know your evil prejudice and fraud ... i observed 15+ years..

may also end up in books or the like about the actual REAL culture

which i know has turned many into damaged thalidomide telletubies...

by their ..mainly...mums

it must stop

is ongoing all over here, too

dealing with facts, first.... alwats was what civilisation...is

my energy today.... 

the real version, not put on instagram for cheap clicks. ..fake love  from her lost tribe..  for a daughter of an alcy who doesnt understand love

or what a "daddy" is

and,NEVER at anyones expense

my energy is at only a few times in life so pure perfect i would not  wish this moment  one moment diferent...

all morning since dawn...

mojo 100% ..not 99.9... full.

love is sharing really hard truths about even real freinds...  if they damage ' community' or ...children

as per that audio

its also what being a REAL ' friend' is...

truth hurts, lies damage