Sunday 13 August 2023


 see ... i forget the exact words of the new generation of 40 something Facebook groomers ...Miss East European shaman clearly has done her 'research' ...copying; out  doing the " payment by donation" weasel wordings .... arose a decade ago..not surprising most under 40s go seriously wonky ( nice word for psychotic)...

ahh yes " exchange"

...  forget the word-thieves

its the  grown ups one doesnt want to be associated with

who all, from Harris to Daum, complicate  their 'offerings' a free version and a 'bonus content' ....paid version of youtube podcast or substack 

the 'free' always opens with

 " you get 2 /3 of the talk ...  if you subscribe ( pay) you get it all..

of course they dont crassly say " the best bit is in the last 1/3"  but always imply it gently

free is free, no complications... in my world.

200 years ago loadsa books had lists of 'subscribers' in the front.... meaning voluntary bungs if you support the ethos of the  person spending time creating something to eventually sell if ever possible..

no smartarse or light con words. no conditions. if my offer is of some original value someimone may bung...

but i dont go back on anythingvever or forget my initial free impkication. free is free. if there were a million subscribers voluntarily, free rolling out  is still free...and no nudging to pay...ever

and i forgot already i had  opened a stripe account

its the ... attempt to say something real and no sweeties sprinkled on top but avoiding silly crass fence building...i am interested in.

wait for my best real life stories. 

every youngster with a mind says to my face " these diderent camps not knowing the other will have useful stuff for them, if they listen   is tragic, so there should be no personal silos ever .".

my best stories are just so... fair alliance with those in theory sworn ideological enamies...  and even those whom have gone off like a volcano person....

.....nope i ignore....enturely..see if any use can come about  

calling in a week and pretending the blow up never happened... ignore, it didnt grudge.....

 new day, water under bridge an vapourused by the next drought

only bridges

guess what!  it works!