Monday 14 August 2023

landloping and vanloping

Groundhog day is a love story?

 The words...

And the 'regrets' but they are so 'always'  - default, there is no point even remembering the English... (as regrettable)

with whom one has the good chats.

In fact at the odyssey end-week, last week. Only 'end of' because...well...'because'? 

A sort of 20 year anniversary. Last week.

You could almost say that The Fall And Rise of Reginald Perring - possibly some of the greatest culture ever, is Homeric. 

What with the repetitive punctuations throughout returning to certain imagery - hippopotamus as mother in law, and each time Reggie enters the portal of Sunshine Foods the signage above the door is a little more  falling away damaged.

Groundhog is certainly homeric - meaning having a poetical repetition to parts as the full edition of the odyssey does - not the crappy abridged cheap one.. in the fuller version i read about 10 years ago at last...with time to spare the "each morning her finger was dipped in  Ježić  menses and she stabbed the dawn skies" really sets the whole  tone..its just a wonky roaming the whole thing.. gorgeous..

endless vaggabundage

Maybe 5 years ago - i have perfect chronicles and diaries i one day sat down to list my favourite USEFUL words

Meaning which ones keep one aside from the words stolen by the crapperati parasitizing the language for spivvy marketing opportunities " 

And more subtly which ones keep one aside from the silly death cult vulgarity in 'active' English  (personified Will Self endlessly like Homer repeats his days as a junky...ehh Will that was a silly privo lost body you no longer have - all cells renewing five maybe 7 years)- meaning  if one used the rather good word flaneur for wandering around just noticing things it will have connotations - a flavour of being even voyeur and certainly a bit of a recovering ex junky fresh out of The Priory as is most of Foulmouth..

Hence when i stumbled across the fab word landloping only a year ago i though "bingo" - no difficult connotations or vibrations...

And in fact having made up a few weeks ago vanloping.. that is perfect too 

please note there are no copyright notices at the bottom of my pages - i strip ALL out from any simple notepad posting... deliberately. IO have for years.

So i had a GREAT chat 3 or 4 days ago... with someone who said she valued the useful words..

I explained to her how long ago - maybe 30 years ago after struggling with both Wittgenstein's - he CHANGED HIS MIND... between his two tracts..

Even if i am too thick to figure exactly how, i did however now.. intuitively or maybe the pixies were assisting (NEVER use the word 'help' - its got so much lost sick rich women people pleasing itis as baggage now.. they even know they have that illness but still... the word has been ruined...) in fact the best words facilitating or my last year - 9 months,...inspired by attempting new total perfect SCHISM language with only one great communicator winter gone..."GUIDE"

one isnt allowed to say "talk" [to] ..or "speak [to] due the sensitive  acid eyed nutcases and their micro aggressions - a big word for not getting out into the countryside enough and being stung by wasps or nettles.. so i reset myself to "share" or even better to fuck them up their smelly little shitholes, lined with only stuck poo that even Polly Garchs expensive hose stuck up her bum [ bet they all go for that round here] ..on full power couldnt shift...

 "guide" .. they cannot have you arrested by the thought police for that..


"nudge" having been stolen by the 'nudge unit' of the twattocracy..

so we have all these performative words, (if i wasnt thieving the wifi for the last time ever and so distracted with curating the films into the great filestore i this would be a goodish essay... but its really a 20 thou word article)

But its the BODY LANGUAGE..

if i am chatting with a most average German Frau... ok her and lass "its so expensive here we are sleeping in the [newish estate]  car" ...likes walking...its the WALKING that is the real litmus, i saw them off at 8am for a cliffwalk.. 6am up and reading too...

"what is the German for vagabond?"

"vaggabund hahh hahh.." REAL SMILES all around... their body language is that of not someone worried about meeting Wil Self on Hamstead heath slipped back into his crazed junky self

In other words the flavour of the word and cultural baggae they see as ..maybe aHerman Hesse wandering around with his notebooks pondering how to write half ok stories or 

they GET it - its just being ASIDE

and we - he lasses and i also discussed 'nimble'  -  sleep in that car park yes best view but the junkies may descend and have zero respect for your nights sleep so have things all packed away before bed if you have to move in the middle of the night..

in fact even the walking mental defect of late i was riffing with a little about HER book she riffed she may like help with (English woman no other peoples have defects in my prejudiced eyes..) she loved my simple description of myself " i stay aside and nimble"

a British woman actually complimenting one is a miracle...if they mean it, and she did  " great words .."

so, yes... chat woman loved her words she said but this fascist lite demand "they must be succinct" ... no Brit HAS poetry any more..


oh i hate my life...why why why didnt i learn some german???!!!except for nestbeschmutzer Bernhards word it is..i was listening someone waffle on 4chan other night about how poetical it is...

 mean CAN YOU BEAT THAT vagabundenhaft  !!!!


Anyway sharing with slight FL ..

 " i realised decades ago the FLAVOUR....'vibration' [ we cannot use that word as the shamanic pixies stole that to make themselves look something they categorically are not EVER.. zenny and sweet] of words so so matters .. [of late having been told Katarina has 'generational trauma' - let the fuck go.. stop moaning for cheap clicks]  my rhetoric is ' one cannot say the word trauma and smile at same time really...saying rumpus the face lifts a little and a smile naturally comes....inner vibration MUCH nicer"

i shared

i got a smile  - seemingly sincere... but why does a smile never ever precipitate a cup of ferkin " Neruda said a conversation does not begin until we have been speaking [ or 'sharing' for an hour" coffee ever even... two people with a sincerely shared interest...

oh theyll quote Neruda on their Fakebooks

but DOING Neruda.. ehh thats another matter - i know the hate that bubbles within every share of that superb true line their rat race non Reggie sad mess...

anyway all i know is Groundhog day is very that setting in the mindset of other 'peoples'... i never use the words race (Lewontin nuked that stupid concept)  or even 'cultures'  - as they are merely a crappy construct - people..peeps...cos people are so smallbrained they piss in their own drinking water 

If we say the Ukrainian Ramboesque peeps  makes their habit of playing with rambo dolls as thats all was available in the counterfeit markets of the whole region from poland to Czec..makes them seems the silly irrelevance they are...specially if in the long run Vlad pushes a button

AND NONE OF THESE PEEPS watched the simply gorgeous pacifist film Tangerines..  . cos barbie and rambo tv polluted their rivers for 35 years... i was there and saw it start... and once the main rivers are full of floating crap... it takes a long long time for cleaner water to prevail

your dreadful Will Selfs must big wordify all... to make him look like he has recovered from his junky days... all that just to show are big words now, he defaults to showing he hasnt recovered,  when nice effective gentle words like landloping help us.

it sure helps me - no one can put me in a box 



oops facilitate



ramble [on] of course another neutral simple word not stolen by the Priory familiar trustifarian types of Gwerk and the like  so as to impersonate edginess

When in fact they are o terrified of them 'slves' due so much bad therapy in uk and lifecoaching and just weasel words (the best phrase of course) by a mere 'service economy'  they have no idea how to live in a  centred and peaceful way  so they have to spin edginess via words...stealing good ones and repurpoing them in the endless sugar high of a performative load of sweet tea british 'culture' has been for about 400 years...

with a brief respite for George Elliot, HE Bates  Lawrence a bit... and some of the great Reggiesque culture of the 70s into 80s... reflective nuanced ennui laden for the right reasons

Maybe it ended around Fawlty Towers... an obviously non angry non angsty series using an angsty lead character as ... him parodying all sorts of facets of silly old 'Britishness' , but never in any way to emulate...any 3 year old knew

It didnt work - when a Kraut gets immediately the nuance of my using that word and enjoys my usage.....and a Brit will always look inside it assuming there is some deviance...

i know who won THE WAR