Monday 14 August 2023

last post...

 added to at the end 

i didnt come up with the punch line until edited after first 'posting' - quickest way to make a backup if wifi drops - a continual thing.. if it drops a whole screenful can be lost...i learned that trick 13 years ago

the causal browser would have no idea how any writing here is perched on a Monty Python dead parrot stick of wood and no idea if it will snap at any moment so every second must be directed to best bang for buck

just to get a few gigabytes of file off phone into safe cloudstore takes an hour per upload...sometimes two...

and one in four times no matter how nimble i am and organised the transfer drops ..and has to be restarted from scratch

bleedin nightmare..

but we all know why... Tom Paul Polly Katria came with so many devices  -some they threw in the creek by Mawgan... that they eat up all signal and always will.. the infrastructure of any 'tourist' hotspot or even worse, pretend rural people, hotspot...will NEVER be any good... 

because they need five devices on all night cos they cannot sleep or cannot exist without their...'connections' no one real