Thursday 10 August 2023


 well as per  diatribe monalogued here a weekish ago, Hannah Arendt, most Mother Theresa of all literatti, said " when there are things we cannot say in society we already have a tyranny"

But what really gets in yer pants, as a big itch, is every radio4chan presenter, probably even Huw Edwards, is in orgasms  4 or 5 weeks ago  all day on Today- you could hear them panting !! " The greatest writing of all time [ racist cunts, no,  Glovers Atlanta  far better] ... last episode tomorrow edge of seats.." even  the ones who got their jobs by acting out the role of  sweet vulnerable minorities

genius things in this,  she wouldv had me arrested for sharing .  so utterly unsayable!!!

and i may be arrestable for sharing where its free    

as all genius should be

https://vum[ double letter 'o'].to/tv-series/success-season-1

dont want the ai thinking it can get my posts blocked than you