Wednesday 29 November 2023

best bit

 ... so i told her ( " oops...we arent alowed in precious...thats the word i found 25 years ago walking up the street in Hay one day..' god theyre all becoming so so precious..  which destroys all true community and true human debate.. 1+1=3...'.... arent allowed to say 'told' thsts so masculin rapust a word for all the precious i trained myself to speak their precious  lamguage too, i am not a fundamentalist..and want solutions.....  so strike 'told'... and replace it with 'shared'... even if in 'community' uk of paupers as i lived by for years .. in rural pauper  villages no one could even think of sharing a motor or  chainsaw for example..never mind sharing labour on fallen trees we needed to keep warm in the winter... fuck em all i photographed that apocolypse as it arose.. so day i shall publish"  


ALL the best stuff

" the bravest humans ever existed... i watched thise young babes in Tehran 2 years ago...  i got on thw whatsap to even my Sprout friend a queen of immos in Sprout vity.... ' every morning they go out knowing the  goons may harass them.... into the back of a van gang rape them and kill them for fun.....all our lives tjis dinosaur mentality of telling babes what yo wear they so superbly have more.... you suport them my fickle Queen ....organise your brownies to get out on the streets this is a true revolution we need ti support... you know the actual Queen and 'catched' her money for them.. and she didnt even give me a fakebook 'like'... "

her eyes so lit up ( whitey aryan but raised in uktra dinosaur lands)

" ... wo yes ....yes but ... none if privo educated uk uni buddies all one abd all perfirming serene kivelinrss WANT TO ...maybe cannot... face ANY ..truth any more..."

" love ... its ...mainky consumerusm they need to reserve the right to consume... fancy clothes .. fancy this that...  workshop werkends .... her up there, round the cotner,  she said to me in effect ' what a load of foolish losers all addicted to weekend workshops rather than real life" .... i knew she alone is a real woman merely stating that!

 ...  boats  flash clean cars... all image and then £9.99 yak milk soap, costs £9.99.... they dont dare ever frighten the horses!..

" go to sub zaharan africa ir all of S America in warm places, no fucker ever tells a woman not to wear her sexy shorts  when its all steamy and hot...

to Be cont