Wednesday 29 November 2023

none of my business

 ( except i simply wish to leave some reflections on 'truth' of this society behind for my lass,  if awful uk unis haven't so pickled her head its beyond unpickling)

a good line just came. And i gave up some years ago  thinking anyone ( brit born) can think....

applied to this whole 'newspeak' ( that was 'new age mid 90s, and slowly  developed a tyranny .... she hadnt been infected by ...raised abroad in international school even if in Wahabber central..)

it wasn't malicious... its not true 'nazi'  but in some ways has the same nett effect  ( a life hiding .. the rare person who does see through the illusions ... is no life, it hurts! ..hiding ones true insights and very well earned authority... ... aurhority [ a word theyre terrified of] ..from years of being independent ... leaving a real war zone.... and even being face to face with Alexei Sayle one of the few truth talkers so good!

so all this  ( that almost totally dominates English middle class younger  more potentially thoughtful peeps... who read 'spiritual' books etc blahh blahh blahh... most poor fools  think magic mushroom drugs are necessary for 'insight' .....cos they got a buddy  with dreadlocks down the teepee  fake community  all bought on trustfunds by someone you cant trust....who sells the ' best' crop..but its all there in that one GREAT book i still cannot find... woman sucked into guru 'transcendental' cult in 70s ... charismatic indian cashing in  following G Harrison madness  ... ' we can con whitey colonists into believing any old indian guru bullshit' and parting with trunks of gold... her book describes how they identified London in 70s as number one scam targetzone.... 'mindful' meditation bullshit  cult  stuff ... she was in the all woman team hired by smiling indian scammer to make millions for him... VERY sexist pig mabagement practices the newage ashrams of Surrey... then they spread.... she herself so beutifully describes .. and she never gave up her genuine belief ... embodiment there is SOMETHING.....  but she revealed tge huge international scamming and horrid mind control ... using fey yoga women  and  sexkess madcats who preach karna sutra but terrified of ever actually letting go and liking any man .  ..never mind resoecting an irdinary fence builder.....who shop at Natural Store.  all so  coerced cleverly into a life or part life  as slaves... to his fiscal empire... brilliant book! must find again  ....of course it still happens but nowadays run from the zoom  screen    ..... of Brit born..people who run away from London and set themselves up as nice wellness gurus to the lost Brit Born Ex Priory residents who hide in the  so called 'communities' of Hay on wye... Gwerk--on-shitcreek.... etc.... mind you tge 30-40 year old central european 'shaman' babes fuck i see they really went into ripoff overdrive bandwagon mode... such pushy or and high production values! no older wiser soul has a hope against their industrialisation of the big con... during their downtime year...... ..)

all none if my business  other than i know NONE of the above, or beliw, are happy...and i care..( ed) 

anyway the one line.  or two.

 in Huxley ' they' were fed the soma. But in this modern iteration, it is as if they [ 'victims' i mean] unwittingly themselves created the recipe 

( alchemised if you must ..such a useless  trendy nonword too).. mixed all tveir ingredients,  in the pot bubbling away on their sad solo woodstove... doubtless smiling at Tolle smiling through the screen to keep them comoany....and  shared it all around quite voluntarily.. 

but soma is soma...  period.