Tuesday 14 November 2023

"community" she said

Now, it gets a bit scrappy as it is kairos time to try and weave something which looks to be something at least a little arty

at newpage (no other link ...yet)

https://www.ralphschism.com/p/2020-brocks.html we have the sorts of dodgy doings that many who purport 'community' may be doing behind the back of their community standings...




But far more important if i were a painter i think almost anyone may understand how poignant - bittersweet, universally tragic... the image of 11 year old Matilda being driven away, was... mentioned in the above waffle

after a community failed her .. a whole community asked by me... in 2020, to help the best young lass for years i had the utter joy of spending time with...  only to discover just how 'community' orientated they ACTUALLY were...

(and i could hashtag some names of 'communities' landloped by... around Pastylandshire,  loads in Devon too... but hashtags are ugly and break the flow - of absolute total universality in that i have never encountered any 'community' in the UK that   as Houlebeqc beautifully satirised in his first few novels aren't self serving groups obsessed with serving only their soul ... usually via some gov grant scheme they can bandwagon - rarely do the facilities  remain used by the COMMUNITY over time...or does anyone bother to clean the mould growig over the windows in time )