Tuesday 28 November 2023

"community" she said.... a British one, fine chance!...

 ..community of scallywags

not the Palestinian... as new friend yet another sublime gift of 2021


15 May 2021

Or maybe the 'clue' - shetoo ... spent a lot of time looking down into her little silly screen... 

"ohh Leo i just simply died of happiness...i mean last year was like some magical surreal [present from the fairies, and now this, on my 7km away doorstep... ...   an hour i lingered ...we are lingering here  for a purpose! ... she knows there is only one here who would give his life for Palestine, especially if it involved going on honeymoon back to her homeland  and getting rocketed in our sleep......see the rellies.... 
ragg'ed or not..."


16 to 19 july 21

This is 'community'
one of many  free "community" 
and long days from sept 2020 when the rest of the world just moaned 

... so so carefully done  posts take weeks to dry and refurb then creosote...

and what dyer know....never mind my work and community plots... the whole place stolen from us all by one 45  year old local 'mother'

This is what alcohol, and being British does to you.
And ruining a community, looks like

" apart from two per chimney, two per car insurance, two per doing jobs together that occasionally need two
 as rural jobs often do,
 such as holding fence rails horizontal prior affixation, the  affectation of them all these days is that they forget: some are are hard to get at solo, but there's always a solution... who wants to be rational though, far more fun to take a risk and .."

"Marg its my proxy helpmeet.....found it up on Herrock hill where i found everything i needed... well...nearly"

Right, bridges.... those three glorious perfect magical summers 20 21 and 23..... Half the time down here at the bridge by the river... but guess what? perfect-magical is one thing; having a purpose is another

But there is a SEQUENCE... i needed to see it all before I odysseyed  off for the last time this Maygone....

By seeing there what i saw i understand here... those privo ed public school boys even took over there...I had no idea

They hadn't changed one bit from the ones we would laughingly pity in about 1982...  when they were about 3%... Henrying around Chelsea...