Tuesday 28 November 2023

so if we cut through all this waffle

 ...not just 'silver lining'...efficiency and comfort drive, too

Nothing better  than a jolly good seemingly incurable bladder or kidney infection 2016 and on...

until 2018 ... the gods came and chucked a load of rotten unfixed hull wood into Charybdis turbulent vomit' ... and our heroine 

( to the Jeddahite, thisaft: " i am more feminine,even if its a non-word   than most feminines i have known, i dont steal others hard earned wages for example, or manipulate re job bookings)

 floated on put of the watery rumpus ...and was saved.


( far more interesting than mind body and soul stuff...well if you know which are the good ones, rather than being addicted to Gabor's false npnsense or others in the same heroin jabbed.. vein )

2016  Get such a bad bug buggering everything such that  you cannot even get through the morning without 100 pees at least 10% of which are involuntary dribbles...

So, apart from dealing with the ultimate horror-shame..and 4 pairs of pants per morning.... not even propper middle age,  experiencing the not so delicate  eaeu de parfum  d'amonia .. 

2020 like a walk in the park!
But having then developed the habit of never leaving the house without pee bot onboard...
( especially Horrorford,  npne left...Hay-on-Wye 40p a pee ..no way.   the time saving and sublime no stress existence the last 5 years...  time saved never having to break off a hard days  so engrossed.... THE END... finished
except for pics and context and a few more ild vids.... god its so wonderful never to have to ever bother about being caught short....
Changed my life!
so much for the better...
And if you've dealt with that shame.... yes, " bulletproof"

ALL 'traveller' needs, trump all territorial 'feelings'.

knowing its 9am here... uptime.... some winter days thats a lifesaver