Wednesday 8 November 2023

i have no axe... grind;  but many films of me weilding mine. Over a decade. Splitting  the hardest  knotty large logs. 

As it is the one bodily activity which is in perfect balance, form of dancing.

I wished to show a descendent, but....

no one ever would be watch your back, just to pass on the passwords and film

Something far more interesting to show her ( supposedly 'feminist') 

Is the chronicle .... not about me.

How i suported daily over several years, from a decade ago, a local woman teenager who wished to work the land..( some of her childhood on a smallholding).. like me with her body..hand tools, quiet ...diligent ...

And her gradual breakdown.... caused,   far more than any other reason, by the way her various new employers

... southern women... one and all the sort who sport the yoga mat or Natural Store bag for show,  as they recreate themselves 

 buying... friends


 " community"

....  she happy to do some of their outdoor work

her their pet

but the way they two faced performed, deceived manipulated ....her

and above all failed in simple old rural honour rules, which rural fringe life REQUIRES to function...: a deal to employ someone for a day is a matter what..

say what you mean and mean what you say

i saw them destroy her

faith in humankind, faith in her own sex.....

and her mind.

( and the delicate rural fabric of community ... which required that honour)

.... great book maybe one of many