Sunday 19 November 2023

toilet culture


I mean..... there you are "meeting yourself" about 5 or 6 years ago, splendid several years  'illness' enforced  time off and you google your lass's top of the world university.

Page 1 

We proudly announce a very expensivley graphiced map of our eight non gender bogs dotted around the campus [ in central London capital of world money laundering  for arms brokers arming all this violent madness.. israel up for 15 new billion soon.. UK weaponised Saudi arming  Yemen babby only their fault, and getting away with every penny, they did... WHY the property prices increased and then the Natural Store babes  can afford new NS bags every other week in their second homes in Surrey-on-Shitcreek...

blood money.... paying for them to write their great new enlightened tomes on how to beat the blob...or set up a Fakebook ' retreat' on elevating themselves above, said a very 'feminine' way cos that non word became trendy too....they realised on tge train to Foulmouth, directly leaving a year in The Priory ... .or that other natural thing.. peri innit or post ...its just nature... they these days so monetise its had to laugh at HMG official line last week " ehhh instead of HRT which ruins your bones, Womand Hour been baying at you years you will die without ...ehh its dangerous, can kill....maybe some therapy instead? ... they always of course miss out mens pee pees can start the dribble from about age 50 off and one comes goes in phases.... and thats no fun.... until you get through it 'emotionionally' ... " wtf i still got my spirit and mind  and showers or rivers were invented for a reason"]

Anyway... last time i was there, a lot... upto 2003... in famously randylands

Virtually every frog bog one ever found was multi ... everything.  infact was just a bog. .


one people

And the notion it may ever cause some problem  never for one millisecond mentioned in deep philosophical conversation ever... talk about real life go for a pee back to talk about real life no mention of some difetent bog for any exactly the same people, whether they squat or stand...

And,all those Kings Col  uni profs adored their weekends away in frogbog land of the free to  not care whos pissin in the cubicle next....

cos a grown up knows where the line is, of behaviour and false silly human nerosis

If the likes of all the anti 'woke' had always had simpler rhetoric such as mine...

they wouldnt have their jobs


Things are not as they seem even to the "good" side, to quote the