Wednesday 29 November 2023

the 'book': 'art of relating'

 ..of just that yesteraft conversation.

should be a bestseller.

Except ... the soma the tyranny the knowing...  all get in the way  so i doubt anyone could read ...

even the intro

The Two Ps ... 

One, Paulo Neruda, no matter how they may be now'cancelling ' him...  myself i havent had the time 20 years to properly   read his poetry but i listened to his maybe best line, and it so perfectly was shown as wise yesteraft " a conversation does not begin until we have been speaking at least an hour.." 

rarely a better example: hr 1 good vut careful.... [ too close to where i care! ...about what i am thought to Be...i not stupid i censor myself usually. ] ...coy polite unsure.. ... finding common ground ... hard...until the big one " my lost sad whore'nbooze lovin' architect  dad built that monument to bling ... in that crazy sick place you born in... corrupted your folkstoo... wow i never met anyone who understands that place...and is honest about its corrupting powers and they bought the Engkish womens footie team last year...likely own half the boats here by some offshore proxy trust or other .....they own half uk ... no one can face up to.."...  hr 2,  two are  brighteyed eye to eye tangoing to true wise adult mature true humanist exploration of all 'their' ( the rezt) stuckness and somaadduction...     and  fearless  rude words scattered as friendship signs just for fun... 

but it was almost to Pablos petfect recipe ... almost to the minute.. 

On the other hand, even if The Alchemist a lovely good book..  deserving attention.

Fuck me by book 2 ... he pimps himself to  every Gwerk type   white woman on the planet 

" you will find better over the horizon if you away...

..... and go get ripped off by some  sagely beautiful CHARMING... boyman doing ted talks on the 'spirit '   or running communities of other lotus adicts ..." 

Mister Coehlo ... really did become the #1 soma dealer....

i know.. i met so many of his victims ..

the first the suposed true love at last...2004. .

( who promised she would carry on being my daughters friend she so loved of course... running away a month on kust leaving a Paulo book as memory. .... with in the baxk of her van my one most treasured antiquish thing...proving i have NO parent mumdad.... issues  ... my inherited ..( passed on) ... mother's large cofin sized,  sewing trunk.      ...  i had lovingly restored so it would look nice in the back Maddy's livin large Merc..  

 pity the fuckup..  but never take them personally...always look after their stuff and recycle it to someone maybe a bit less fucked up 

never take even their evilest judasing to...heart ..