Sunday 31 December 2023

as always


( i have good' emotional intelligence' ..i even thought 5 or so years ago " maybe my solo princess daughter  needs to see her always 100% dependable dad... ' fall to bits' ..become useless shaking not 'together' mess unble to even shave himsrlf never mind be always she could have the 'power' .. i would act that against all of me for anyone i love...if it that didnt either)

i have no pride.

but its only ever about tomorrow.

... new start....all shirts clean again.... no need to fully tumble dry, ( super simple life!) a few days just so, they do last drying on the hangar... and the creases drop out time wasted on that

he gave me a gift

" whats your name....Nathan......i am going to report you to the boss... saving me 40% telling me they are cheaper on the sales aisle upstairs... thank you, the only.....' "human"...' i have met in this awful sick looking junkie people town of really problem peeps,   London  on sea and loads of Foulmouths too especially at  the second hand bookshop ... and all people pleasing fakes into the bargain.... "

hmmm..i used to collect these.... i dont know about this one
one day maybe i will

gloves... a full pair a few days ago
now a new hat from the gutter
i am not proud, anything can be cleaned and i like cleaning,  and looks like it may fit