Saturday 16 December 2023

but then....

 i test them...


the last few months

And there is no vannism left when the van woman ( some years,




 scion of her community 


doesnt reply

" thank you for trusting and honouring me ask me"

to a missive:

" i need some advice about.... one of your lot, i love...and there is only  love in this dimension even her fey god Eckheart had one once ...a real heart... before he got his false infantilising audience too.. i seek your guidance "

but only makes her reply...

( once the tribe of vannites were always wise.. i knew em even age 17...but then as the maybe slightly wise woman riffed with me here at this atchin tan in July her 70 year old husband  many year Steiner teacher hurting...from hetoo,  several years of false allegations..  such that he left his beloved calling

" yes ... London... mid to 80s... i knew too... this weird shift.. in talk around the suppertables...i felt it too.... those new mind altering pilldrugs really did fuckin weird it all out...and it hasnt changed,  no matter what fancy feminine  energy workshop they steal money to attend.... " )

 about her...