Saturday 16 December 2023

So in fact at last.

If only he knew he is metaphor for almost all of it... especially the glorious slowdown year if 2020... I have no interest in a bug there have been many of them since the plagues I am sure ravaged the Slav lands too...

But to see how COOP...

would send out  hipsterspiv emails back then every other day " we care so much  ..are you all right chuck?"

when a month ago they cannot even manage to redirect my bank card to 

" c/o Fred Bloggs" 

" no we can only set the machine to Fred Bloggs actual postcode  and the address that comes up and it wont have c/o in it"

But of course that is a little local difficulty

Thirty years they sold themselves as the "ethical"  shop...Well they wouldnt know in the SW..

but in the W

us for 15 years 10 km in the hills up from Hay-on-wye

Then Herrock Hill between Kington and Knighton...

The three locations for local shops...all owned by COOP...

No alternatives.. none in that region at all!!

One could make an artwork of the three layers of plastic many og their 'offers' came in, still... 

5 or 6 years ago...

I did

But when they ethically put their prices up to their trapped audience by far far more than any other supermarket... 2020... 

you knew that thirty years you lived in a spivereration nation even worse than the yankee one  

Not even USA would stoop to their truly vapid level of marketing  chummy fakery

but only a fool doesnt know when the sad mentally ill* marketeers did win..

But how can one make a Monty Python about them with elegance thats the only real q..?


just notes. On the day the BBC leads with yet another US silly once famous person is gound to have 'accidentally' taken a bit too much ..nag tranquiliser.

But then when one starts to have a look at " ok so who is this Jordan

 man then"  

with time on hands gloriously slowed down 2020 

And sees a man many years mefically qualified

professor of it

and the 'mind' 

bleating for months all over the internet and coercively manipulating his own daughter to be part of the bleating

" its not my fault i am so ill from an exotic illness caused by my withdrawal from a few months on painkillers... "

he is too ill to broadcast to his generatiom of young fatherless men he became proxy televised wise  daddy to

so he emotionally abuses ( al inability to be wise without a really good excuse, is) his poor daughter by getting her to do it for a million views per youtube wank

when every uneducated badge-erish  young person i ever met age 17 or older in the 80s   knew without a phd in medical brain stuff

you gotta be out of your brain even to take a few of mums vallium as youll get .. to like em..

and theres a price for liking any pills..

and any actual worthy educator  says " i was such a fool... sorry world... i forgot the basics any 15 year old knows.. pills get you fairly hooked...and hurt you.... 

"as an EXAMPLE to my daughter i now take myself offline for at least 5 years while i grow up"


 so I told the "magic" one yestermorn....

How "privelaged" she was...

But the truth.

Not that I lie I compliment only those with words a bit


I had to be in the perfect 

Atch ..

Peraps 'tis the 'tension'

The millionairess's spread overlooks this one.

A few month back she spoke with the  "celebate" van babe

Big one parked by my small one.


Didnt even acknowledge... the man her friendly equal...

But i see her... I wouldnt even waste a dime 

of my precious time

" i do so love your silv'ry white hair... 

" at least you're not addin'

" to the wordwide... 

"  chemical soup...

" i respect you i dont care how many 


metres at quite a few

grand for that view"

I leave before she may alight and

open her curtains for the light

Society somehow 

woman just " im a cow" 

not my words maybe she meant it

One honest one


* theres no such thing as a free 


lack of authenticity eventually kills...