Saturday 16 December 2023

thirty dull years

 actually that is funny

( what is not funny is being June by poopoo creek hearing the mermaid, whos job is to wirk with tjmhose damaged in war,rather than say " blessem their stupid mums who watched magnificent Deerhunter and didnt rememember to tell their offspring  what that genius culture showed us ' dont go be cannon fodder or SAS ALWAYS hurts the fighter even the one  thinks he is master of his universe'.." rather saying " well i dont have to worry about my local political system closing all the NHS dentists..i just wake up and manifest [ sic]an appointment... then call them up and there is always a slot for me the same day..[ sic]" 

no point caring about politics, i dont..

but its funny how the last 20ish  all the yuck stuff we get faster than ever on thecnews... 

30 years smago one felt .. genuinely... no cynicism

" well at least there is the system of UN blue helmets goinh in and trying to bring some oeace and saving a few innocent lives.. we respect their peaceful generally unarmed bravery"

and usa ( doubtless with lapdog uk complicity) discredit / dismantles much of the UN... 

even Mearsheimer.... certainly not childman Freddy.. 

cannot really bring themselves to say " well... as concluded, no hope!!...  only hope is eventually some peacekeeping  bluehelmet force in there as we used to have "

which was always the only solution  when the real shit hit the fan

and i type in ' un sarajevo' .. which still haunts from then! ( my feed has been full of for a year ever since i wished to really try and understand...really underdtand... i am happy i have!

 they wont ever let you forget unless you  start a new google id hahh hahh.. maybe i should)

i surrendered years ago...  well one ago, at least

and certainly have no opinions i care about... except two per chimney  ... and when things get a little harder ( as they will with 2.6 trillion of debt) a couple is always  always treated better by authorities ... or even at the dentist

even dumb yanks  top intellects managed  to get that into otherwise silly babble a few weeks back

" with a helpmeet  to watch your back... those with cancer going to the doc live longer..if in a couple"

( plus " singles pay double cost of couples for hotel rooms")

Rebecca Traister a Special Place in Hell bimbo waffle podcast which is incapable of also inserting  


ALL people in bottom 1/3 .. maybe even bottom 1/2 .. know solo costs far far far more per person.

but then ' journalists ' are simply incapable of not thinking like the silly middle class consumer class they are

 and being some decades ago they could

means they certainly all got NPD too...

or rather are just really ..thick