Wednesday 20 December 2023

the clever way of...

 blocking some from your real life

Which is an extremely trite way of attempting ' control' ... in some rare cases may be necessary, but then the internet has all sorts of backdoors or hacks or whatever

I only use one...   for my this year only purpose. Having discovered absolutely no word from the mouth of babes here ever counts for anything ever...

thats FUNNY i knew it was in the cannon somewhere! and if you have as i do a 10+ year chronicle of never ever trust a Christian 

even funnier

In Psalms 8:2, God ordains strength out of the mouth of babes and sucklings; in Matthew 21:16, praise comes from this source. Later generations changed strength and praise to wisdom.

the only wisdom i know even if the pyshopath-lite put it into my dinner table 17 years ago ... say what you mean and mean what you say, no gender or denomination can ever do...

which means there are two in the above para.  the maybe even more important one, even a harmful terrible man ( using my only child as weapon to hide his sad guilt)

may offer something useful.. my child quoting his words one evening 17 years ago


hate the sin not the sinner, and even sinners may have truly wonderful gifts to share... that one my commandment as i know its... the key 

to humanity

and also dont ever take anything personally

( no one in uk can ever understand, or Bee or Bea... so i am the fool)

Anyway... a year ago some ' private' things needed saying or attempt at

.and when you have no electrical socket and no one even many Christians' i know ever says " need a socket for a bit..." or even a cuppa especially in Surrey on Sea ( excepting one  " celebate" van woman once...  you can never do anything with grace...

but all secrets are bad 

you try and curate or block some written things so only some may see...

but thats a fools errand too

freedom and bodily justice is never having to ever hide from anyone ir hide anything...ever again

has the pages uncloaked

here there are a few cloaked ones but  they only apply to post schism  november 2022 life, when i tjought i had found one brave and honest person with that new sense of actual solidarity... 

things changed

and they stay as they are.

there is so much more the 'letters' on that new page... a brother who .. sadly was always a fake living in usa tried to suggest i should be sued 2010 putting up a tune he had written stating how perfect....

not surprising he didnt know what justice is: not making up  truly insulting and harmful mefical matters and passing them to a lost googling lady... 

none of whom ever had their own kids...and tjus know what 'reputation' REALLY is...and how it matters

their silly internet.. never mine