Sunday 31 December 2023

next phase

 of mooning at stuck society

Only because ... an hour chatting yesteraft at the dryers,  with the most ' achingly' cool ( 32-35 year old) bohemians on the planet

working in ' community' gardens and veg operations

i really did get it...understand...

exactly where the institution of ' education' has gone wrong

dispite quick inteligence and three clear heads they could not understand  even the full Bee story featurded here a week ago....told to them

in that case 

the institutions  of  top  Bee world brains  ... 

"Roger your near neighbour fought them.... they even tried to sanction him for not using the ptomulgated chemical cure... ."

"to save the Bees... 

"his uninstitutionalised  wisdom and approach ... pure sceptical inteligence...was RIGHT... 

"had he not Been him, Bee populations all over would be far far fewer...  never mind on your few acres

"you must think about more than your own little smiley bearded  cool clothing bubble  that looks so lovely in Gwerk or other bubbles...if you actually care about your grant funded role as regenerative farming guides and efucatord..  you have to think beyond your own small elite bubble... and beyond it i am afraid we must Be careful about the powers that Be..and sometimes for the sake of the same Bees you need to pollinate we may need to actually care...and even sometimes stand up against ignorance and vested interest stupid bullying... now and again! or at least Be aware they may preach garbage "

they havent been taught that... at all

Now i understand.

The real pollution around her... as in the [ highly paid supposed grown up, past 50 years old,  psychologist of 'ptsd' mermaid in June  by her creek.." if i manifest an NHS dentist when i need one..i then call up and they have an immediate appointment that day .... my life is perfect....[.... i dont need to write letters to MPs or councillors...    or organise local   community groups to arrange clubbing together  communally to buy in dentistry at discount prices for us all...]..."

 has ruined even her i guess...

But it doesnt ruin me  as loads know... and next phase is just trying to carefully write up many an interesting insight  from prior a year ago... 

Here, Pastyland kiddultshire,  just a slightly even more theme park version of rather narcissistic dumbed down modern uk...on mummy and daddy's inherited loot ( 3 superb mums in the last few days agree... "off to EU" we debated at length)... 

here..never was of any interest. Only " i disdain institutions" was of inyerest

But Isolde... her story...youngish kids  stuck in dodgy drugworld

us in Lidl boxing eve... her sharing the terrible truth behind her lovely really gentle smile

That will haunt....  and even if we know there is no solution

openness does help

as she proved


I hope i helped.

( name changed ...a bit protect her innocence)