Thursday 28 December 2023

one forgets

just TOO much... too many tangents arise from all their evasion and inability to follow the most simple rule book re even children


 ... poor woman from Sarajevo.... told me

 " yes i know there are many charlatans among them...[ her neighbours]" 

why she alone is different... maybe 'hope'..

 try saying that even nicely to a British  healer/guru/ or ecen "green' charlatans ( of whom there are millions noeadays as its easier work than being cleaning lady )....and my my they dont half hiss... behind your your back with acid spittle... that does hurt... children

As lying about people in small communities ..where children may hear things later on in pub or cafe,  about those of us who are good   parents, is just as bad as chuckin acid in those childrens' faces... scars them for life

And no ' aware' or shaman or ' healer' woman i have ever known in uk sems to be aware of that fundamental rule of life

In other words their 'spirituality' doesnt... work