Wednesday 20 December 2023

README youtube and digital browsers

post in draft unfinished

will be finished by 9am

substack audio

For digital browsers, what my material is ( and is only aimed at one person, who snubs)

Its FREE to use substack, even Dawkins writes on it now.... and the better wafflers waffle there now. And its more trustworthy  than other data harvesting operations i do believe

hashtags for audio

they are too ugly for me as words are beautiful, even if wonky

so i will never lower myself to spoiling aesthetics by using them

And unlike the magic pedlars and shamenpeople...i actually Be lieve in magic ( but know we cannot ever know what its FOR)... if there is any, someone will share something with someone where it needs to Be..

without my knoeledge or gaming  any system or pushing anything anywhere  i  dont... 


WHY violence... towards women and men

Whos fault... ( a few things)

and why no English person deserves 'justice',  or even safety, if they remain,  as i was: THE problem

by not taking part... 

being a sybarite, too...

why share even the most shameful tragic events. My hetmroine of the word did and it helped me


My crimbo pres to self yesterday

i only ever spend 50p on a book

But this was maybe the last great truly honest fun! british woman... 

no taboos,  no self coynes... a badgist of the bestest kind

splurges all the madness of it...with real love for her fellow wonky mankind... 

a real book wher a really brave woman shared  her useful shame- real shame not confected neurosis

and a great honest woman
( only half British, maybe the key)
( all refering to audio waffle above)

other great culture one day i will improve

and other sharing but they must professionalise everything 

nope... splurge

and then you change

but dont assume.

Any new browser of this will have to go way back to the beginning.  bottom right hand corner ' older posts' until you get to  february... 22... the day i was blocked by the only good mind i have encountered for many years... ruined i guess by the self addvantage, cowards, too... to me that block button just blocking yourself... which is the opposite of advantage, when you really are a warrior)