Tuesday 16 January 2024

And so... mayBe

 I still ( despite begging half a do,en mothertongues over the last few years to help me tbey charm and people please as if born and bred)  havent found my favourite Polish popsong from 1997... the internet is so crap...

gamed by fat pushers of whatever ... no propper lists, just search engine optomisation of Jenny come lately 

... i would call it " the moje song"  i loved it....  i know it was top of their pops.. every other word was " moje"  ... but beautiful poignant nuance in her singing  .

maybe ...

sort of sums up that lot... the real version.

No idea what the mindset ( best old word) of SE Central Europe is... especially if polluted by 30 years of London 

( half a dozen have now agreed " its so interesting to have found really only the last few months. in fact this is only the playground of London.. mindset... different to the rest of the country ...and i accept it dominates here, but i had no idea this is... is here... defines...all"  even if they argue " ohh there are 3% who arent.."  3% may as well Be everyone


is the same as fait accompli, sort of.... i know nothing, i can know nothing, as especially bloody Londoners by birth or pollution ( which can Be changed) must hold their onion skins layerd  in their bras or maybe even  knickers .. close to their no go zones...i guess... 

guessing i gave up on ...i know my place

and the happy island is ... no idea what blows up on its shore

cannot know

ignore the word maybe; i did an action.  A sincere one. What another will Be one cannot know.  Untill they are .. they never will Be as London is a swamp  from which there is no escape... thats why it Be..came


But i know one thing it isnt " happy"  and many good philosophers did think discovering which is the happy quay ... kinda is the point of botheerng to Be born in the furst place

And i know the truth of whats actually there... step one to happiness 

You cannot deny what has Been...

Nor should you.... especially when its so damn interesting relative to all the rest

In my own case... 'licensed' is my favourite word for a while...  licensed...it has to be earned i guess, licensed not to care any more... no shame... because i told her a 'secret'..( not really just not told to anyone longtime, after i told a propper camera 14 years ago...and did not ask her Mrs BAFTA camera to keep it to herself... point being that was  another me and every 7 years every smallest cell is no longer tve same, has ..changed) .

Nothing much changed. I still plan to get to work on that new page... however... maybe there is some 'love' in it now

As that page states, i know love is the strongest force. ..  by far... 

has bizzarely driven me 20 years

still does.