Tuesday 16 January 2024

hard bloody work


as a pure absurdist work of art ... being video doesnt 'work'

perfect example dropping 

off to sleep  4am,  after 12 glorious hours sleep, Sean and his mate  warbling under my pillow ( to keep the phone warm battery lasts longer) 

so much more gors in by audio than if watching a screen...long ago i knew

but if i make 800 bits of vid ... quite a few just my memoir notes... important for me to be seen ( by descendent) always REAL smiling as i always am even if relating 

" negative" stuff.. 

i will list them properly and make sure they all got to youtube a huge bloody job only just started yestermorn

already found 5 or 6  missplaced in last week


...of new stuff

now that trick :-)



but define 'worked' ..i cannot. It takes two to do that particular tango....

which would make a story ten times better and life affirming  than  Gabriel Garcia's gorgeous  Flozz. .

And i believe in... .......... .....


and i am not a cynic  ( great definition of what a cynic is in the Sean  audio show ) 

Backwards, now, only