Tuesday 16 January 2024




.... i bet it is....

what i saw


.... their nicest hipster village... 

Of such smiley ones....

..... just like last region.... it is as if the others - especially farmers, once my real friends, almost  deliberately truly fuck the environment quite blatantly, because they


cos no 'Green' dared to hold a moral compass  nearby them and ( figuratively) stab them with the sharp bit   when they clearly break lore...


 back in reality

.... fuck me!!

In the worldwide, but especially UK,  passive agressiveness of the block button

One needs to be wiley

Ok it sort of " worked" a year ago....

"the beginning" 

And that was pure real poetry of a surrealistic kind

And kindness

I never bother telling anyone about a past year of my life ... lobg ago, my 16th, shameful ( then)... but i told her, only to perhaps share " telling all is good for you" 

And yes for gods sake we... I... read Fromm's To Have or To Be

 age about bloody 25 

I dont even believe in 'having' a jolly good pile of stories to profit from,  or help...

I do know no Central European person really ever is comfy telling their all..all. the way......( it seems the walking Pole ducked out... " dont take it personally, especially as i truly loved your ranting about your staff all skiving due ' depression and anxiety'  but it seems CE is about 50 years behind in this respect...) 

So i told all, into " the beginning"  all the way... to just share maybe something that may explain how great it is to have no more onion layers to cry over

and then 



Good for me

but NOT for 'me'.

Anyway even if true mindfulness and' zen' ( her word i only use for that reason)

ohhh yes....here we have another from Sunderaft

When the only great mind one has encountered for years blubs sweetly " oh woe is me... i left the motherland to young to be truly proficient in the adult mature thinker mothertongue... and came to the first in the queue at the Hagueland and could never master your nutjob language such that i am a true intellectual of it"  

a lie

as i have never known any English as good with their childabusing mothertongue, as her....

I still notice useful  notices....

Anyway useful notices

The zen

the real counselling of 'families' as they all declare war and false allegation upon one another as i saw from 20ish years ago.. in others

i would preach/counsel/guru/lifecoach folk: 

" if you only listen to one thing from my  topjudge approved free advice 

do not  try and communicate digitally when you are at odds with a once liked or lived person when its gone wonky...it never works... ear to gob face to face if you can... does... digitals, dont... 

and secondly  dont ever second guess

a line of  angry text or Fakebook slur

may really have two meanings or you may be guessing the intent when you cannot know it...

do not... there lies the diference between madness and sort of sanity...anyway there is no knowing anyones mind or intent unless..." 

So.... my mind is quite made up ...was a year ago

And is lattetrly made up, secondly ... the only thing i enjoy, anyway morally should... is share some earlier stories. All prior to ayear ago.

For which i need to buy time and even a quiet socket

( but i keep to my word, i far far far rather " bolster" another...i need nothing for myself )

A few months ago pondering two "birds" and one stone: 

" hmmmm.... well i think it is fresh start time...  anyway silly immoral scaredy cat  sheep like Mr Che T Shirt ... just vandalise...me i never would assume or comment on anothers intent ... so if i set up afresh start page and use that as new begging bowl.... well i can also see if.... someone clicks on it perhaps.... even if she only hisses.... only one person was given this page address  3 or 4 weeks ago... and for 7 or 8 weeks it has showed consistently the 4 'views' that happened when i set it up a few months,ago

... and of course...if


i have just sabbotaged ....

but no... because thats the whole point, it is ONLY what next...

thats what The Black Swan is all about

yesterday   is utterly irrelevent. 

Yesterday this said 4

i was just revving up to get to work on it today... long planned

Hmmmm... now i can.

Not second guess, as there is a "1% chance" to quote the Carroll talk ...it was someone else ....randomly 

But at least.....

( to Be 


But i do know one thing, 

giving away all ones  tricks,  ..." manipulations" is what you do when actually you do


Though i have no idea what the rules are

Except one, this day and age life is ten times better if one knows at least one good mind, and i couldnt find any others...