Sunday 28 January 2024

but as the year

 of Ralph


schism dot com 


If i dropped dead of the usual simple life natural high

and someone found my chronicle ..

" you lying little shit"

" ut i was awaiting the moment somehow i could use the story for simple good Your on Herr.." 

not quite yet. But i did tell all yestereve ustoo stood at the same signpost...

oh yes god she made me laugh yesteraft " what did you just say... ' shit in the bed' .?." " yes its my local dialect i invented to  project anger we know it doesnt exist... even if silly twats make whole programs about it today..."

 [ today, so obviously yesteraft she couldnt know, im just a Homer weaving a tad for effect but every word true to heart

dont you know 

poetically warpin the true truth,so rarely ... and  ifso only for " innocent" [she said she was]

for Odyssey fun but only rarely 

the truth Bees the way

youre free


" shit in the bed... just expressing ironic exhasperation  at the whole mad performance. from all of humanity.." 

" ohhh love...its perfect  i think i will adopt it"

meanwhile back in my uncopyrighted whole cannon

" lying fucker.. "

i was reminded or maybe 'augury'  prodded by yet another hocus pocus prod up the bum... 

as it had a magpie perched atop 5 mins ago [ live, in the now] 

" maybe... i just dont know if she was one too....  she wept...July.... as she told me how she had been  on a course all week her 8 years a dispensary nurse looking after the sick  of the region....ok shetoo said all pills are awful... even if it was her mortgage payments,  but she was truly distressed that the local health trust had been workshopping her all week on how to dispense.. for ONLY maximum proffit to the 'Trust' .. . not best bang for buck for her patients best interests...   8 hours we 'mammouth'   spoke up there and..... by that sign..... [ to be cont but i only kissed her as a way of manipulating her to get her to...  Be where i knew for  her sake she needed to... Be] ...  for her own good  threes a crowd but.. .. thing is .  she is the ONLY woman i do not understand... was shetoo some secret magpie? .. only an English born one is born half mag.... ..  and i was convinced she was the only one not so...  utterly sure.. why that private kiss was otherworldly and ... i do t know the words for .. but
unfaithful is not the right one 
as i have never Been unfaithful in my life except one  sad sick evening as a  lost mad 23 year old and my truestlove then was perfect... she unfaithfulled me a few days later, after my immediate confession and our confused tears... 
and  after her fine heroic martyrish act
we never again spoke of both our sins... 
and from which i learned
never again to Be