Sunday 28 January 2024


 i only 'look' thinking " ok no one will have read my dawn witterings... so no need to go detypo just yet...

 better just check...."

record readership yest! 


and today already not even

midmorn 40 of you


 stats doth say

and this aint even half ready to be readable


( why the audios... at least  theyre coherent IF you stsrt from 6 mths back..though often weave 3 themes  in one... anyone under 50 and  modern britwoman may not be able to deal with.. 3 is! .. not what you neurotically demand: simple... as you workshop to other duffrters for cash... nope sorry even Russian writers figured many many  decades ago thats called idio-fascism     the idi bit short for fool) 

i mean the whole dam year

such is life how sad never mind

but unlike what she rits


at least mine is real..

my actual