Thursday 18 January 2024

But don't assume... ( plus 'femi ist' well...not really...andihave studied it... a lot)

 I'm not 'done' yet...

In fact i pitied his "whore" and really  understood her.  And was on her side...and made a great effort to be friend her human human not pay-as-you-go..... a  grand a week in coke cash for a few evenings he dolled out

on her 


and free b 'n b

ff 3 decades

3/4 of a decade ago, speaking nicely to the traumatised daughter, her whole identity voted against 2016

" sweetpea..... 

 you are free.... but London....hmmm.... UK education sucks ....  if you run away from it

 at least know one fact, that for centuries and that includes this one too, one way or other maybe 1/3 of women in London pay for the extortionate rents by being one way or other, on their backs playing 'the game' ....and there are may ways.... of being on the game"... 

"shut the fuck up  you old bugger, my business alone if i go on any game or not" the only time she ever raised her voice! 

which is the most extraordinary moment to live through,  almost ever. Equality. The moment one stops being the last person one was, 17 years

And had to change.

Anyway where was i yes... two things..

item one.  the impossibility of saying anything about the ineffable 'something' i know for sure is a 'thing'  or knowing what the rules are

ahhh yes the other near forgot.... came back during housework

( ok the real way.... we had To Have or To Be decades ago and the havers won despite the illusion of zen yogis living in the noment... all i know is

to Be, Bee or Bea... .

as yesteraft ....once more, me a few days feeling like death warmed up,  overnight at minus something...

if you wish to live longer, you get back...walking

within 5 mins  of shuffling on yesteraft... up a favourite new coastal path

my mojo was at battle with the bugs and all was well.... 


 item 2

i noticed even the rather ok mongrel artist shetoo brainwashed by her MFA city tutors  that ' connecting' with 'nature' and incorporating this in 'art' compulsory

nope....sorry.... i done proppa ' art' all my life

i done more 'nature' than anyone else i ever met far

there is no real connection....  except obvious stuff we have known about 3000 years or more crystals look arty farty as do fibonacci numbers or spirals  .. yea yea yeahhhh

and i ponder much art....  in fact some if the best is her old ynyended youtube channel... a bit trippy and arty farty Wombling around so elegantly, in interesting frocks,  looking all surreal and goddessy ... great suff..... .

there is no  reason why not to do such things... other than we needed all "warriors" on deck to stand up against eco terrorists,childlaw nazis... etc.... 

But i do not know any actual correlation between this human thing called'art'  and  this universal life thing called 'life' ... or' nature' if you must...

not even the smartest monkey  is ever going to smile at 0her lovely arty  goddess videos ... 

sorry, life and art are very very very  seperate...

one kerps you earm in bed minus 15 even

the other

is " for the birds" is just an expression

i am only interested in the only human i like living longer... 

and loadsa intense high achieving  50something babes do actually just fall off their perch dead as a dodo, duck,  one day