Wednesday 31 January 2024

Free REAL movie script

Cathy Come Home

" most influential tv ever"

( i am sure it made big bucks profit, too, though that data seems a bit google 'supressed')

The next one - bigbick movie, for real, is in this audio here. Really... i do the real work.... full on, risky...not self obsessed bullshit biography film on boats, but of real people here .. the ones may one day break in and rob the boat.....or worse.... why may they Be like that? 

And i have great rough cut film and audio,  of all of them - all people mentioned in this audio, especially a truly lovely "human"  Richard they  as good as  killed... 

( same reason as the local sad  opressed real talented mind woman , the British do love their 'pets' ... especially once glamorous  "warriors"... stuck on a noisy quay with ... rot...  pets that cannot run away,  best of all! to patronise...on THEIR terms only though

All unplanned ( film made  winter 2022 except i was in best mood ever only due one person so was tougher minded than ever.. and just wrnt with it).. one day i will share it fully, here,  but anyone with a brain who calls herself a  "filmmaker" .. really should have it as this is a real film about her adopted country and within ( this audio here explains) is the  little national  Srebrenica... for real....writ large  ( last region; it will Be same here)

substack audio

" Britain should Be in the Hague". why? The movie. Wordpicture: one of several deathcamps.Tories should pay Serbian 'filmmaker' to make it. Big bucks.

(intro waffle about sawing wood ..  provisional title was " do they siesta in Serbia?" 

 but then i remembered i had one  real job to finish off,  one day... so it gets going on that after 1/2 hr on wood and rotten boats... but all is linked,  sorry long one) 


#three guest appearances

 all saying National Trust cannot be

( plus the waste of wood..many piles of these i see..left to rot... good to leave wood to rot for nature,  but why waste resources cutting it just to then leave it to rot.. this whole region i never seen such laziness... all around.)

 Penrose NT today

( there should be earlier photo on my walk of truly scary pollution just by the pathway..i cant be one cares...especially smug cunt NT types..i have many interviews over the years...all the same Teletubby toxic fakesmiley  waffle)

and no joke, i care more about people than parties - the ' left' would never fund this as... it's about them.

but someone will! its dynamite even a npn English speaker would get it

only the Tories would maybe 'get'  it when not planning WW3 ...cos we cannot afford either.. that...or 100,000 Richards...  in truth  closer to a million i bet .. and no one can ever do a thing  as they dont understand, why..i do and its quite simple in fact

even  to identify the 'problem' ...and it isnt Richard...

so i better go and live in Cuba or ehhhh... oh yes i found a real authentic country of very lefties .. who could ask questions about THEMselves and their  possibke narcissism... ewe all msy suffer but they trust no one so do the  hard faily work to " change" ... Boliviahhhh... :-)

same audio in drive downloadable, link below

and i do not get 'stats for these downloads/ listens. If you do, i have no idea ...  but its much nicer to me, and genuinely ethical  free thinker Substack inc too, if you listen on the substack....  i dont need 50 thousand youtube clicks.. dont know where they came from,  but would like just perraps  500 substack listens ...please ....yourself

all anyone in uk can ever do...

something for the local manchilds... just up their street ( in audio)


right thats the end!!