Wednesday 31 January 2024

'simple' as...

 ten years or more one person told" youtoo mark your rechargeable batteries for more simple time and moneysaving energy.. you are good"  may as well never have spoken,  no one keeps it simple that one compmiment 

. i have never  given anyone

.. but keeping even one factoid in simply serms beyond ANYone

and i guess she could never stop to simply " listen"..

one SIMPLE fact...

 " it starts with just that... handsawing bowsawing your wood... that seperates from the rest... for a whole decade, too thats Been my one thing ...seoerates the women from the [ usually fat] girls.... never seen until, you"

but i am loyal even to a ghost so will,  complicate they all must. And do simple small space life properly, soon...

( plus prewarm or warm the 'lectrics if the engine must Be films yest) 

mark your batteries... see films essay to come
i havent bought a throwaway battery for many years
shame the greens dont o around their Horrorford town lamenting at aisles full of them and think... where do we start
i manage still one  invan plug  only if spare battery is run half an hour too.. theres always a way
even in London-on-sea where no one even
 invites you in for a cuppa

but as for the manchilds try having a conversation " its so much nicer  and greener if you use handtools where you can.. and you also develop mind body and beter skills along the way ...." i give up with that chat... had a fair few timed
they lost it...


the last one... ' post' ...  was in a Homeric  bad poem earlier this morn

but i lost it....

for now