Wednesday 31 January 2024

I champion Sarah Champion no matter what she 'did' to him

 " no" ... the "perspective" some of us sane ones.... quite a few in fact, have known decades.


cos its about ONE good, or best  thing,  from anyone ( see vids same day)

( Eckhart wouldnt get it, nor his disciples i huess..... real 'relating' in the real world) 

In the sun at Rinsey Atch.. yesteraft... no more, time to head North i guess

home made... but thats A pukka Morgan Stanley writing blotter pad...

from one of its bossmen

him to me..  

me maybe 23

a mistake. stand in dad for a few years, Mister Jeffery Nunn.. i suspect dead before his time too.. either way,  a fake  man, of a dad.. only authentics  live long.

. bet she will, Muzz Champ... hope so too!

more to  add here tomorrow