Friday 26 January 2024

 ohhh fuck me up the rongun with her vudu "light" stick

'bliss' ..

there are only two types of high that are any good

# 2 as described a few days ago the 'natural [ only 'present' in the moment, alone...] high' of the ultra simple in the simplest moment having so ultra simplified one is able to scrape every photon of natural energy from the day..ideally dawnish.. and get buzzed up for real  hour on end

a genuine nonegotistical  ' high' as there is no one else to show it off to...

and #1,  even if not quite ' natural' : 

poor Antoine St Ex .. not only rather pious and self righteous

they hadnt invented good musac and 



age about 25 ... high 

above the clouds on the Caribbean Sea

in an empty plane

stick IT

 on full volume in the Walkman

speed up


and ( unlawfully.. in  twin prop it takes a real gentle touch...or the wings bend) 

loop a loop

 down below and over the top

of  a lump of beautiful water vapour bubbling up.. nature naturally sublime

to.. fullvol

in the  'ear and now'

of course an 'adrenalin'-ego performative high as unnourishing as a day playing in the waves with a plastic board

why so many SW 'men'can never Be

and why did i look?!

 i too old for this

theres a NEW better than ever one!

new years eve justergone

But i know the 'highs'  and are all absurd

ive done the very best of the best

its the human touch thats all there


and that takes two

never mind their silly " opened  minds" ...  shows an innate contradiction, in that she

knew better than all 

... bodymind are one

and body needs body

but fuckety fuck 

their minds just get in the way

of everything these days ( as the data does actually ....say)