Monday 22 January 2024

my 'people-man' however

 ...reminded me

As i have long known 

And is why i gave up, 7 or 8 years ago, SOS legal advocacy for those facing great immorality  ...wreaked upon them by the British state, or other once loved partners, false allegating so as to hurt their mutual children ( the actual net effect, always) 

Because polemic is no good. Fails. Myself i am just ill-wanking  with it... even if merely an interlude, as in the winter especially below about 5 degrees its quite difficult to think

As i eander the oathways the last few months on mind goodnick warmer days i  return in my musings and many mental essays i write half the day.....or even speak out loud to a lost love.... to the ONLY  thing that CHANGES anything,  or reaches  anyone


we are story

please tell ALL your story... not just a lost " bird" washed up in London-on-Helford...

" human"ity only responds to story.

And as of even 10 years ago " the judge will ONLY be able to ponder better justice, for you... and the children... if you tell him THE story..  telling her of the other party's control or narcissism disorders  as you seem addicted to, is not  story...  it is your polemical opinion copied off crap fakebook posts or bimbo tv...  story.... tell the judge too of how when you had a cuppa with him ..after that  confected arrest actually   you both looked into each others eyes and smiled a bit at your folly.... and he even  paid for  your cuppa... no hard feelings, shitty water under  a silly bridge you both DID cross back over forever....  thats thr STORY...will save your children from abduction by SS and their lawyers...   that in fact you can Be human and find cooperation they day you never will... that sory wasnt fake ..." 

no one could stop



and Be... lieve 

in sory saving their actual lives

nope " thats a bit narcissistic Monsieur Blinde [ cute]" 

really did fuck...everything

My stories


to come


i have good ones