Tuesday 30 January 2024

NO.. 'promotion'

 i dont even put comments on Gabor Mate's ( he is not worth copying an acute e for) dire self pitying bullshit talks saying if you wish actual addiction and trauma and depression advice..so you can be adecent "human",  always... following simple " human" rules we have had dince we first used our gobs.. look a little further than this tragic fraud,  i knew people who think he is god and  they cannot even follow ' healed' manners rules,  meaning Be ing healed and aware means having manners ...always .. lovely recent example that dreadful fraud woman who sells  the products endorsed by him via their instagram i met 23 december has none..as usual.. not even " thanks for offerinh to assist the women at mine adcicted to making false allegations" 

( the HippoCret yest at LAST said .. i mean this is the new new testament stuff!  the actual real one" ohh yes you are right we had an instance of a Hay footie lad threatening to make up false paedo allegations  he was quite direct making that threat...against a footie linesmam after he was told the rules and some accidental glancing, quite  routine "human" touch  occured on the course of normal footie events.. " .

" you poor man i told you a decade ago...  you immod to the wrong country... and for your sake for a decade have bern trying to help....with that one of many  truths .." 

( July or aug last   long interview with churchwarden and her Steiner school senior teacher husband .. [ after giving them marriage guidance,  them in a strop]   great couple... 3 hrs riffing... " we were 2 years totally distraught and hurt even he had false allegations afainst him... eventually exonerated but .. near finished him off...  snd as you can see hes a tough old cunt" )

 they emwill NEVER change

i realised yest

their parents mothers especially did NOT 


did not put a stop yo it

15 or so years ago when this quaint british habit  gradually began

they were not told with tough luv how poisonous  pollution that is for us all especially them

and thus it is their lifetime norm

learned Be haviour...

will Be for them 

for good...  (bad)  lovely example of tnis so hard language!

i hope no Serb would lower herself to... knowing even if the word "moral' weirdly a problem word for her

not raising kids to Be right about what is wrong, obviously, alway...s theres even a ' false witness' bit in their great sky fairy instruction book

is  the best definition of imorality i know ..

. anyway no promotion  no linking anywhere ... why does my Tube have 50,000 views nearly? and 130 subs...  twas only meant for one viewer  and prob shes too full of sad usekess little  Eckhart  as they all are NOWadays  .to "listen" to anything but his fraud