Tuesday 16 January 2024

Weinstein, E ( " dm me for 'change'...")


" nothing  much has happened in science for 40 or more years...no idea why we bothered... we need mountains of cash to find new realities" 

splendid in that it will be many decades,  if ever.. before they begin to maybe know anything

( so maybe we should know a bit more about this one we are stuck with)

meanwhile that rather good social scientist,  Schwitzgebel... i remembered that spelling without having to peek ! which is unknowable proof my memory only improved the last few years... rheoretically impossible

even if i think i know why

tells us maybe all we need to know... certainly in respect of society and ' politics ...small p

It is indeed ALL 'relative' 

We ... don't really like to be seen as less or MORE ' moral' than the average within  our  own specific  social group

( thats the quay! live at a quay of self centred ex London fakes, still London ...and one sadly is morally  set to their ' group' .... ) 

Which so interestingly sums up .. just about everything. 

 Change...i.e. perhaps even pointing out


in a creek

never mind  the bees eat microplastic cos of the spas*ic

 ( on the cliff Sunday eve " i can use that word as my mum nearly made me one"  Diana the High Court Judge,  laughed)


to even more manmade fibres in the drains



they must all be 

seen in

i had no idea !! 

( put so much more fakemanfibrous plastic sludge into the drains for the bees to enjoy figuring out how the hell to evolve so that they can incorporate microplastic into their lifecycle...and 'benefit' over others who cannot)

In other words being a goody goody.. relative to the group one has to live among.... has a ' social cost' 

All politics ever was

and thats why we need allies

or its miserable as  ever mind two per chimney,   the ' group' picks on the lone outlier...

 two allies, one becomes a sub newgroup....