Monday 22 January 2024

" moral?"

" fascinating" 

at the end

of a segment only obliquely mentions the " enemy" not human beings shredded by 'games consol ' . .lobbed grenades  xesigned to shred human flesh

Not actually "fascinating" 

as radio controlled bombs have been around since before this childman got his inhuman Cambridge education  in " English" ( one of the 'humanities'.... even)

( and read last post here this production values are more wonky than the BBC's moral compass) 

 please note as mentioned in dispatches ( here) 9 months ago, even a most bloodthirsty bolshie violently inclined,    nasty, prideful,  Herefordshire neighbour of mine  who  as onetime businessman in East Europe, and had many  lifelong friends in Ukraine  and surrounding countries agreed with me on about day 2 of the Ukraine invasion
  " i only love my valiant rambo Ukrainian ex colleagues  ..however they  should give up... find compromise...any resistence will result in a bloodbath, of 100s of thousands... and they cannot ever win against  the invader... fait accompli"