Monday 22 January 2024

" morality !?!%?** "


that emojii should be within the quotation marks above

I have only one question.

And recurring  sometime quiet private hermitude headfuck....

Why, in the January 23 dialogues, was i so barked at  riffing upon that word? I do not understand. I would like to.

As if i had suggested my people,  the People of The Book, and great jokes about the headfuck of life, had invaded all SE Central Europe and bbqd all the babies,  especially purebred  ish ... Hague victim people

Morality is kindof simple.

Even if complex around the core issues.

Had a  stray, offcourse, lost, or even planned,  drone flight, gone and dropped a little sweet  smart bomby thing,  on a dam being built ....say.. upstream  from Sarajevo .. in 92

 [ obviously i know drons werent officially extant, this is  surreality, for a POINT as the great Serbian filmmaker Emir  i am sure managed at times]

And 'done it' for the dambuilder... 

The dambuilders daughter may rightly have cried real tears " the  immorality of  it all !!!  my daddy trying to help ALL people, of our corner of the world,  irrespective of creed or colour, with his dams and the damn other lot went and snuffed him out  ..... just for immoral spite and emotional vandalism reasons.... oh woe is me.... and i am a 'human' .. i kindof loved him even if he loved the grape maybe more than us" 

I do not and cannot understand why ' immoral' is a problem word .. and i think it is sad the only good mind i met for decades, could not... even if such items on the agenda take days or years of face to face human dialect,  to tiptoe around

But i do understand one thing,  which is when at 0650 Today the worst most dangerous journalist ever, does a thing ( " segment" in their inhuman labguage)  about  young Ukrainian men sat around with 400 buck drones

 " an energy drink next to their screen" 

Drones existing only for ONE reason... to kill.. damn,  other dambuilders ... damn otherside [ conscripted] "human" people   .... splat them, blow their balls through their eyesockets... tear their spleen onto small pieces if confetti...

... Amol Rajan pricks up his ears and states unabashedly  as if he were in ahipsyer craftbeer cafe " thats interesting" in exactly the tone as if he had got to some next level of a computer game, or found a backdoor into  the onlyfans  vip area for free superwanking 

And before i am damned as  a racist cunt underones.. listen to  HIS  tones..

WE KNEW age 18... no moral training ( from my parents especially .. lost effete  no one ever makes light of any other humans injuries or death. .

but they clearly forgot that bit of HUMAN efucation at Cambridge university... or in his parental  fuckin 'Hinduism'...