Thursday 18 January 2024

that perfect morning


now i do do what i say

even if it takes a bit of time.

12 days behind schedule

I still have to find some poetical moments in my audio at Seal Sanctuary...  from Christmas day

Lovely poignant soundings...and a few poems and interviews recorded 

And it is all backwards from ( now survival day) here. Even if it may take a few days in the furure to thaw out and get to work.

The really important 'thaw' 

No matter what is on ones mind or what failures

now and again know where the best dawn choruses will Be and take the time to just Be there

This one out West 6 Jan 2024

The place of the equally hard working woman with her sledge hammer.

Whom equally may enjoy the best dunk in the stream there is, that after a hard days work the body sweatin'