Thursday 8 February 2024

All i know, is now i am really...


Even if she has set half of Gwerk  on me
or the feds more than eccers like ..

I saw in the mid 80s him... Tom Paul... 
Poliakoff so beatifully brought to life 

in The Tribe

at 25 seconds in

he sat aside... when the only one makes any decision about which plug to pull

the spivvy superarchitect Hogo emBossed  ... barefoot even, at work... lotuses on his uberoffice 3 grand couch....' community' developer ...  having ripped off someone or others pension cash... from his London superman reinvented spivvy Fatch towers..
.....he would run away ...crying... Tom Paul the first...caught pants down..... sometimes in the back of beaten up old 10 seat aircraft flown by hobos like me....
down to London-on-sea 

and sat next to him:
" well be safe down here anyway half a mil buys all the rats in rat infested ratty Helford and with our laundromat skills  .. recycling it into the local "community" up their nozes if we must.... before we know it, we'll be running  it.... They may even give us a name ... herriverrats .... and making sure only our dancin'  pets ...  get a place at..our quay...
now... practice!!! 
you have to get the exact dancin poise...  watch it... 4 minutes in.. .
you have to be my real queen,  and worker Bee
Be hind 
closed doors...
practice damn you!
Be cause it must never seem down the Black Swan 

you must NOT ever
Be seen
for whom,  the greatest punk ever ... Siouxsi a mere copy cat
 danced that day 
just copyin' .... whom i need  you to helpmeet me ... 
we never
so dont ever ever ever be seen as who you ate and .... we can even buy you the Natural Store or at least all their bags
if you ever slip up  and out of your djsguise, one over 'that  look' pronto... Stevie 4 mins in perfect art .. that isnt, only real life you my sweet one .. 
[ where is that superb ' preciouss'  video clip was on tube years ago..Holum and his  gold?... oh well)  

"so we could afford just this 100 quid a day jockey up front.. never mind ...  the security fences and ...
to Be cont

protection is, permanent, when
a Nonny

gold nuggets drippin from her notsadeyed eyes 
at the hightide
aside  the lowlands

" true love... is made by lovers... [ to add a bit].... 

" ... and love is all there is, as the reason for anything, always...." 

no matter what...

to fuck Eckhart up his controlling little back passage
if its opened that valve he thinks he alone can smarm his way to profits describing....... theres no book that can ever describe the actual power of
wheres that plug... ohh we cannot find one to fit..  
real love, even if undescribable and wont ever..stop

 i shall at least have one pure non cynical  highly intelligent Nonny's words ....
and  real smile

real hold

playin on mine rerun 'mindful'  loop... of a really  wise one
even if the 'Rats' ( her words not mine and at last a name.. a label...a truth) get busy on my head with a broken piece of shitpipe 
none of them could be bothered to fix