Thursday 8 February 2024

so now i got the pot

 ..of gold 

real nuggets overbrimmin ... in the ladt place ever expected ( always the quay,  to any even pretend  to keep one from getting bored, 20 years of them, quest: the place you know for sure it can never Be) 

I wish i could have had my question answered, i don't know why cannot change a mother tongue poking around her head , just understand some of her mindbody settings : " do they have in SE Europe the  ''road trip' cultural construct... " ?

knowing or rather potentially understanding a sort of line between ' western' yugoland .. and cyrillic script? ' eastern'  maybe djfferent mindset ?  [ only word we ever needed]

The lorryate, in his ' ok if you must' speach:

" all in western thought and Be ing... is based on Mister Odyssey..." 

road trip ish Candide .. the dodgy one based on bad pills no doubt bought from Ratty types... .. On The Road. . 

Finding pots of gold just below a mermaid sign...  

my fave  i know how he did his research, no way coukd he have shagged every woman in Columbia after he was wise mummy got on the tiad with the ' widow' she took in for ' her'  benefit  relrasing Florentino     .... onto the road doin every single one he ever met prior to the happy ending ( only one woman has said to me i can " imagine " it  "as if the real thing, just like you saytoo" ... Gabriel Garcia saving on his drinks bill all that book  'research'  ... quicker too..) 

The Flozz on his truly ultimate ' road trip'.. for real men...  

 all these journeys and Quixotic road trippy things... 

yes and no

I am bored of mine so thank god i shall pretend that was the one pot looked for but... ( my philosophy as of about 10 years ago.. you aim your arrow at that target there in plaim site,  but end up hitting the one never even knew was there!!! quay matter,  until the shhwwwppp of the arrow   and   gentle applause even if solo of ' bullseye')

a womanly lersonage in the waters of this sceptic shoppibg aisle... tell tge true infirmation

Not what some bad hollogram programmer in some dull Be movie version of their wonky 'matrix' ( they all believe even badpill addled of every street i e  er wander here) ,  will think makes her look good

but... road trippy stuff... ' magical realism'  such an anti intellectual  fuckwit phrase

 proving no one using it in some comibook review  perraps in their main comic The Guardian,  hadnt read ALL of Gabriel Garcis.. 

his Melancholy Whore is just perfect even if a bit sad

his real people books... Generals in Labyrinth could Be about those trapped in an old version of themselves  long long gone.... never daring to even look in the mirror, in Stepford-on-sea by  aside poofilledRattycreek ....

myself i do both part time... being a home " bird" and fixing rptten wood.. a long sweaty day in and out mode if Be ing..   is in fact the best way to Be

but then when no one else has  a mind except to flick through some Eckhart pages  and not even see the significance of the local pub Taleb's genius allegory ( based on 2008 Tom Pauls  spending all your cash on fancy boats and Hiluxes for the blacks... who dream only at night, of widowhood and the insurance payout as long as he slips on the coiled rope and she wasnt caught on some richer fancier boat neughbours doorbell cctv...     rather than repaying your borrowed cash from your investments) 

Black swan is not 'theorey' its as clear as  Dylan igNobelly forgetting " we are all the Irishman too.. and his Molly ...  and her ' inner life' Blooming .. despite them all.."  

i dont know about Cyrillic lands...

but ... ehhh.... 

defo pot of gold end times

Guulliver ... pilgrims... Mariners with a rotten albatross around the neck ( shed in august Loe Bar, ladt time... " grow up... no you dont need ' time' or S'space'  meander  ponder  into anything... we have no history,  well none for 14 years...and thus we embody being FREE" )

all i know is travel and road trips are overrated

as are travellogues, espesh when you have one in the can over maybe 20 years... to beat all the greats put together...including loads of Gabriellian research  methodology tjoroughly enjoyed...

a woodburner with two sharing the totten wood...isnt