Thursday 8 February 2024

 never mind actually beating the Nobelatemy Yiddersmith with the greatest  ever words

" when you aint got nufin Nonny, you got nuthin Toulouse [ our honeymoon if you drown the ' longterm partner' peraps..i got an anchor squirrelled away for metoo].. "

with a not My-peeps-of-the-book psychodrama version, but far better version :

 "if theres nuthin Toulouse babe then theres nuthin to GAIN. . " 

no one told them you dont gain

 anything by

 explai ing years on all that  all that handholin' 

and mutually  enjoyin the ' craik'

 i think is the irish spelling

was in fact same sex

as all is only ever universaltoo


how to not be even dribbled upon by chief mermaid goddess of ..their cashregister

the " girl from the song"

i coukd never have conceivably imagined  about 15 years ago 

that text to Zoe rippin off folk in Portugal with her reiki bed 

" tell Dot...  look i kindof ponderin her... her singing is so sublime, even if a bit 'bliss'y

for me

 but also... maybe she may like to... Dot dot dot..."

brutly ignored

i had forgotten  .( so forgettable)

a " deal"..

but as i am schisming autumn 2022 

and she calls up.

" i think you alone knew.. well you said you understood.. when we eye to eyed in the Festival alleyways .. [ did she know i had turned to escape second i saw her ?!..i think she did shes  that unobservant our eyes meetin across that chasm of cant and vanity.. the most interesting just for a millisecond in history]...  look theres no way ever i will even be able to afford to ' dress so fine' the expensive pooches ...i'm lowering myself to Maggiesfarmin... never mind   chuck you a dime...

" none called to say " beware Doll [ we wouldnt anyway allow such hatefilled words]" ... my tribe of healers just turned on me and actually want to  just  make a meal of  even them the 2 grand saucissons upstairs in the farm... i kid you not we cannot speak softly never mind  " loudly" unless the windows closed and curtains drawn just in case.....

" and i gotta go 'scrounge their  next meal'..[ sic] from the richman i  sort of acccidentally got a bit conveniently preggers to... even if the effect of that cause i wont let be with him even now  a decade on, alone..  

etc could go on forever the operatic version may well 

" ok ... yes... had they,  you may have 'saved' even mine from wrongful jidnappin' by the state ... we all derided you... for doin'..."


"  look... that ' gutter' ... your astridin' ... The Miss oh Jennyist creep... he left you innit.... in the song yer from...  and i know you are too grieftraumatised to tell me ' how does it feel ' coherently so please for the tenth time shut the fuck up...

but.. if we want to write the unrit last verse of the girl from the song, the opera......  theres always a bridge across... even if its just to the pavement safe ish from the gnashing of narcimssistic, definrme [ i have the tapes]  ultra memaid fjx even a leaky   gusset ( their real actual job and wish!! and end hoal of all wellnrss courses.. no more wasted juuces... end the juicemaking... )   healer wimmin... lost a few undred quid.... to your ehhh... little Miss Take.... 

Eckhart ... should have been thrown in the river at birth

he simply could not conceive

even the actual girlf from the  actual song

that started it all

is an equal " human" too.. 

and if you can...

a " human" will

dezpite her

( nohh i list it i had a much netter Eckart cannot ... earlier twill come back...) 

when youve updated  THE real life, early winter 2022..and jn fact even " look you sad mad angry woman i need to save ALL my energy now for a real woman  i encountered who may not Be you all... so please listen i have explained 10 times they canot  just come kidnap the pooches...if we [ i] communicate... with them ALL..  i shall them thrm, for you abd your overpriced busjness venture munchers on not much......a stiry...a "human"  one ... 

and in a better version.... 

even her 15 year back ... proposal ... communication ignored ... 

meantime knowing that the vitriol in the lriginal was quite inadequate for their ( plural) real life  charlot .. and isms a plenty... 


 never the less... she was only "human" ... and if there could be a bridge over the gutter...

define mermaid zombie apocolypse:

" the compromise wjth your saviour shutup im here now day after day even if you hate it all that rage .... mystery tramp... . you even want to gee whizz you cant fake that! .. well we write the story to help others bangin their head on the dame  gutter edge millions will be soon.......  how we .make that bridge as good as can Be...  turnin a bad song into somethin better....  for the sake of future listners... never mind all the rest of you... cos "bound to fall" ... is universal... "

i gotta redo this wjth so many smiley emojiis its rediculous

"Mav. . leave me alone... i am busy with two Bees is the girl from our song simply could not make her up line by line perfect..   her newfound need to [ platonically!] " compromise" ..all the way" 

 and the other ... well about the only one who may just not...Be.." 

meanwhile there are far better more subtle compromise tunes far nicer and .more subtly quiet and type