Thursday 8 February 2024

but you wont

 just a kindof scribe...

re... them

all.. unless you start at the start of here

bottom right hand corner

and even then wait a year.. 

for the fuller version to appear

Now includes, lastereve

over a feast "  mine,  mongs,   i know the facts ... as mongs they will certainly be more intelligent and even bodily better  than you mere whitey purerbreds... and bit by bit mine minority,  are rightly taking over... and of course its the solution all these silly ' othering' wars.... i like your story of the  SerbyCroat... shame sheoo doesnt appreciate   just how observant ... and knowing never take anything to heart but find the  right bit of the heart to act out 'causes' or even just best books to maybe leave behind... it being the key to "

mong is a compliment

meanwhile live from the wireless

" we dont fully understand .."." chemicals and now microplastics."..  

up yer fanny lass... 

i understand

 why theyre there... its not business, capitalism, farming.... its pure mermaiditis ... 

Hay-on-wye then all up the Marches... 

( men-ones first .. Ritchie.. Gordon... and Paul

especially, too... the there were a losd of cats


you dont need to be by the sea to see and "observe" 20 years


and effect

cos the merms could have... 

had they "allies" ,  " community" ...helpmeets.... 

not even a large group of non backstabbers ...  committed

to at least a few years

could have

 caused at least some REAL

" dm me for...change"

takes two to tango ... at least

impossible in uk i not daft and will be gone