Thursday 8 February 2024


 is NOT seeing this

I only ever wished there 

to Be


and almost even worse, even if thank god i figured her half mong half a Nonny  half lies and deceit

" you have sexy skin" her  only bright British born eyes

  ive seen 


because the very worst thing of all  for just being yourself, and a bit of liminal go all the way

' creativity'

 is anyone ever saying anything even half  true like half what you write is  quite ok

a d has " poetic sublime energy" 

as happened once


mum, bafta nom, grown up...  


above anything ever Be ing ' personal' ... 

only s good walk to forget ... why on earth

did they ruin one if the truly great passionate songs of the 80s

( my post 2016 hymn meandering by old bike 100s of km, around  the art studios listening to lies that  they cared.. especially Bronte's. )

no one knew they were  a couple of keep it in the samexers... no idea... not a thing

Nor would anyone care...

But as old wrinklies become poor opressed  lezzie activistas...  for more clicks?

if lezzies can write the best songs ever before they  even figured they were going to remain in that ' phase'.. 

well..   i would encourage it 

But cashin in on  prolonguing the phase

for fashion 

and 4chan dodgy plauditry

i dont need to search,  "new Indigos"

will have not created anything new and better..

than " an all thjis broken glass you left behind..."

 never mind

" now the moon is a slither in our eyes"

and i only met one woman ever  i know can paint word pictutes so perfect as theirs,

with her

" bird" who didnt tell us

what to